SEO is not just a set of techniques that you can apply on the same pattern to all kinds of clients. You need to know your client better to provide them with the best possible services. Don’t fret! You can easily find out more about them by asking them a series of questions to tailor your services according to their needs.

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What are the login and password of your website?

First thing first, You need access to your client’s website to provide the SEO Services. Your client should trust you enough to offer you these details.

Ask the client about their most important objective for acquiring SEO Services.

Mainly the objective of SEO is to increase the organic traffic towards a website, but what does the client want to achieve with that increased traffic, or where do they want to direct it? Without knowing the answer to these questions, any SEO campaign might be pointless. The client might be looking to increase profit or bring more attention to the new product they just launched. The client might be looking for more recognition in online spaces by being more accessible in Google searches. All of these questions are pretty pertinent to understanding your client’s needs.

What is your target audience?

The target audience is usually those who are the business’s potential clients. Without targeting SEO efforts towards them, the client cannot achieve any results from these services. Buy persona can help with understanding the target audience of your client better.

What is your target location?

Understanding the target location is also crucial as you would want to ensure your SEO services improve the indexing of your client’s website in a particular location keyword. There is a chance that companies might expand beyond that location in the future, but it is necessary to acknowledge the current target location to help the business grow.

Who provided you with SEO services previously?

It would be beneficial to know who previously provided you with client SEO services. You can then do a background check on them and see their services and what needs fixing.

What are your target industries and sectors?

Every business works in a specific industry that you need to recognize with your client’s help. This way, you can make targeted SEO campaigns for the industry, study the competition and help your client get ahead of them through an effective SEO strategy.

Do you have any website analysis or keyword research done previously?

Website SEO analysis and keyword research are the first steps in SEO services. Businesses that previously acquired SEO services might have some dated analysis or research. It will be a good idea to get your hands on them and understand where the website stands. This information can be pretty handy in giving you an idea about the website’s current SEO performance, so you can devise a correct strategy to improve it.

What is your previous link-building record?

Link building is one of the critical steps that help SEO make the website more visible online. It is pertinent to know any previous work done in this record. It would be very harmful to the website if many low-quality websites have links directing traffic. Google recognizes such loopholes and pushes down the website in the search index.

What is the essential part of your website?

Many clients have various preferences when it comes to their websites. Some parts of the website are more important to these clients than others. It is never a good idea to assume, and hence it would be pretty helpful to ask the client which parts of the website need more of your attention.

It is necessary to know what kind of technical problems your client needs help with on their website. Without prior knowledge, you might do your best to provide the service, but it might not be at par with the standards your client expected from you. You can avoid this bad experience by asking your client this straightforward yet essential question.

Do you have a web developer in the company who maintains the website?

Many companies have their in-house web development teams, yet they outsource the SEO services to other companies. It will be better to know if such a team exists so that you can communicate about any of the previous changes done to the website.

Who is your client’s biggest competitor?

Many companies have targeted a specific business as their main competition, and it would be helpful to know them to produce a counter SEO campaign. The client would appreciate your services more if you help them get ahead of what they consider their biggest competition.

Bottom line

Communication with your client is the key to working on an effective SEO campaign. You should ask your clients all the questions listed above and some more if you want to provide their services to the best of their satisfaction. One size fits all is not how SEO works, and that’s why you and your client need to work together.

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